“My philosophy is simple.. You only get out, what you put in.”

My team and I spend enormous resources on proactively and preventatively enuring our botanicals are given the best environment and ecosystem to grow, thrive and mature.

This dedication and attention to detail results in Cannabis that is characterized by aromatic flowers, richly flavored taste and ultimate enjoyment and lifestyle benefits for people with discerning taste.”

a·lo·ha (əˈlōˌhä/)

exclamation & noun

Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone.

ALOHA means hello. It also means goodbye. Aloha is also a moral code, an expression of love and a connection to nature. All of us here at Aloha Botanics, our ‘OHANA, believe that we have been given a gift to grow natural outdoor sun kissed cannabis in the State of Washington. 


‘ALOHA ‘AINA:  Love of the land, to nurture and care for the land.  Aloha Botanics strives to operate in such a manner as to conserves our precious natural resources and utilize best practices to enhance the quality of our cannabis product naturally and pesticide free so that our customers are always getting the best product possible. 


The spirit of ALOHA was like a cultural guidance system for ancient Hawaiians who taught their children “The Ways of Aloha”.  Our day-to-day Staff here at Aloha are all locals that have either grown up their entire life here in Okanogan or have lived here most of their lives.  We owe it to them and our community to provide a great path forward for many years to come so they can grow and develop as some of the State's most thoughtful and professional cultivators in the state.